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Excessive Absences

Excessive excused or unexcused absences (defined as five) or more absences per semester may result in a truancy meeting for parents and students. In addition, the student may be recommended for retention and /or disciplinary action.  APS generates a truancy notification for unexcused absences.  Students who have excessive absences will be referred to Children’s Court.


A primary responsibility of McKinley students is to report to all classes in a timely fashion.  All students are expected to be in their classroom seats by the bell, with all the necessary materials, and prepared to work.  This will give all students in the class an opportunity to take full advantage of the learning time provided. Per District policy, the only excused tardy is a doctor or dentist appointment.  Students arriving late to school must have parents call ahead, write a note, or accompany their child to the front desk for the tardiness to be excused. All other tardies are unexcused.  The tardy policy will be reviewed with the students at the beginning of the year. Excessive tardies may result in disciplinary  actions.