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4500 Comanche Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110


Phone: 505.881.9390

Check Out Process

When Checking Out a Student

1.  You MUST present a photo ID.

2.  You MUST be on your student's records to be authorized to check-out.

3.   Please allow a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes when signing a student out– it takes at least that amount of  time to verify valid picture ID, issue a pass and send for the student. Please note, during a lunch period sign out time may take additional time.

4.  To make the end of the day run smoother for us all, we ask you to please avoid checking-out your student after 2:30 PM. 

We cannot pull a student out prior to the person coming in and presenting a valid photo id. This is for their safety.