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Lunch Detention/Community Service

 is used at lunch time, when students are escorted to the cafeteria for lunch and to the restroom. Each student needs to come prepared with all of his/her assignments which are to be completed while in lunch detention. Community Service is an active role in beautifying the campus during lunch time.


In School Suspension

T.I.P.S. is an in-school suspension program at McKinley M.S. An administrator assigns students for a minimum of three days to the in school suspension program. Student rules and consequence are listed in the following pages.  Referrals are submitted to one of the Administrators.


While in T.I.P.S., students are encouraged to evaluate their attitude, behavior, and choices. The student writes a contract at the end of her/his stay and has it signed by a parent. The T.I.P.S. room holds up to twelve students at a time, and the students are supervised by an adult, and assisted with their class work each period. When in T.I.P.S. students are provided their regular classroom work, given supervised bathroom breaks, and may choose between a hamburger or cheeseburger school lunch with white milk (unless there are allergy/health/religious considerations). The student’s parent may pack a “sack” lunch for the student as long as the contents are “basic”. Students assigned to TIPS may be placed on a waiting list if the TIPS classroom is filled to capacity. Students on the waiting list who receive an additional referral before placement in TIPS may be given additional consequence, possibly resulting in home suspension for the duration of their assigned days in TIPS. During the fourth quarter, students receiving a referral in suspension (home or TIPS) will not be allowed to attend any end-of-year activities including grade level field trips, dances and year-end incentive parties. If the in-school suspension program/TIPS is not available during the last weeks of school, students will be given a home-suspension as an alternative consequence in lieu of TIPS.


Out of School Suspension

This consequence is generally used in the most severe situations or when all other forms of consequences and interventions have failed. Disciplinary situations not covered in this handbook will be dealt with in accordance with the APS Student Behavior Handbook and at the discretion of the administrators.

The needs of special education students will be met according to their IEPs as well as District, State, and Federal guidelines and requirements.